Which Are the Most Versatile Types of Fitness Flooring?

fitness rubber flooring

Versatility is great, but you should always ask yourself what type of activity you plan on doing in your gym. While you may have a very versatile surface that can accommodate most aerobic exercise routines, if you plan to punish it by dropping weights continually, then it might not work for you after all.

Fitness Rubber Flooring is King

I believe the most versatile type of gym flooring is probably fitness rubber flooring. Rubber is an incredibly resilient material that can withstand just about any punishment you throw at it, but there are other things to consider. The thickness of it, however, will vary. The thicker the surface, the better equipped to handle the stress of weights and other heavy objects constantly being thrown at it. The thinner it is, the firmer and less cushion.

How Thick Is Too Thick?

On the one hand, you want a floor that will be able to take a lot of punishment and do fine with the wear and tear of constant activity, on the other hand, you need something that will offer just enough cushion but not too much.

If the floor is too cushioned, you will not be able to perform certain exercises, take running, for example. If every step you take you to sink into the floor, this type of activity will be very annoying and could even result in injury. If you install the thinnest rubber flooring, running will probably be great, but you will have to be careful with what you drop on it, yes rubber will protect the floor beneath it, but there will be a limit.

Middle Ground

fitness rubber flooring

To have the floor that can accommodate the broadest range of physical activity, I would personally recommend rubber as your floor, a 3/8 thickness as the ideal thickness. This thickness will do just fine with kettlebells being thrown at it. It will provide plenty of cushions but not too much, making it unusable for aerobic exercise. It provides enough give to be able to wrestle or perform martial arts on it and is strong enough to protect the floor upon which it sits. 

Other great attributes of rubber flooring are that they are antibacterial and super easy to clean. These floors do not absorb any liquids and, as such, are hard to stain.  They do, however, absorb shock and punishment. At 3/8 thickness, it probably does not work as the ideal rubber playground flooring, but it is soft enough to protect children playing on it.

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