Specialized Companies, has over 28 years experience in the Rubber and Fitness Industry. We are Industry leaders in all types of Sport Surfacing, Specialty Rubber Products and Equipment and Supplies for CrossFit. We pride ourselves in providing Eco-Friendly products, excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

Most of the products that we carry are in-stock and available for immediate delivery. Our clients range from all Major Fitness Center Chains and University Wellness Centers, to Crossfit Centers throughout the USA & abroad. We have also provided flooring to very exclusive celebrity homes, as well as the film and television industry.

Choosing the Right Gym Flooring

Choosing the right gym flooring is essential. You want something that looks aesthetically pleasing, provides grip and does not get easily damaged. You may have thousands of people walking around inside your gym throughout the years, and that is why you need to select the perfect type of flooring materials to have installed inside the building. Specialized Fitness Resources provides suitable options for fitness centers of all sizes. Our impressive selection will surely please you while you search for flooring that is stylish, durable, and great to have inside your gym.

We offer fitness flooring for several areas of your establishment, including the fitness room where you will have all the equipment and the locker room that is full of lockers where guests can keep items safe while they are working out. 

If you have showers installed inside your gym, you should know that we offer flooring options for the showers and locker rooms that will keep your guests from slipping while giving them something sturdy and durable to stand and walk around on while they move from one spot to the next. Our flooring options for the locker room have convenient drain holes to ensure that water goes down the drain rather than getting stuck and creating a buildup of mold.

Our anti-slip gym flooring surfaces are convenient to have inside your establishment for many reasons. Some of the reason we encourage customers to purchase the anti-slip flooring options include:

  • Drastically reduce the risk of guests slipping and getting hurt
  • Prevent bacteria from forming between and on top of the flooring materials
  • Lower the risk of potential personal injury lawsuits from slip and fall accidents
  • Have a large selection of colors to choose from when selecting your flooring options

With advantages like these, it is no wonder why we have repeat customers who regularly come to us to handle their gym flooring wants and needs. If you are not sure what to get or what you need for your gym, we are there to provide guidance and help you with the selection process while making sure that you are choosing a style that best meets your needs based on the services offered at your gym.

The Types of Fitness Flooring Options We Provide

At Specialized Fitness Resources we offer several types of fitness flooring options to our customers based on their needs. Some of the fitness flooring options that we regularly provide include:

  • Weightroom flooring
  • Aerobics flooring
  • Acoustical solutions & Soundproofing
  • Locker room flooring
  • Yoga floor mats
  • Kennel flooring
  • Interlocking floors
  • Fitness mats
  • Ultimate turf
  • Childcare flooring 
  • Carpet mats
  • Custom mats

When you decide to depend on us for your flooring needs, you will have plenty of options available. The specific style and type of gym flooring you decide to get may depend heavily on the type of establishment you are running and the different things that you have going on inside the building. For example, if you have a fitness center that offers childcare while the parents are working out, you can benefit from getting custom mats, carpet mats, and even specialized childcare flooring. We will gladly go over the advantages of these different products with you to help you make your decision.

We Offer More Than Gym Flooring and Fitness Flooring

In addition to the available gym flooring and fitness flooring options, we provide other products to our clients. Some of these products include custom gaskets, rubber seals, carpet tiles, dumbbell racks, pull up rigs, and more. 

Our company takes great pride in offering various flooring options that are convenient and made to last long. When you are choosing the type of flooring you want to have for your fitness center, you need to carefully make that decision after taking several factors into consideration, such as the type of fitness center you are running. No matter what you are looking for, when it comes to gym flooring, we have plenty of options worth considering.

Specialized Fitness Resources

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