ASTM Switchboard

This corrugated Switchboard matting conforms to OSHA requirements for electrical protective devices and is tested to ASTM D-178 requirements. Our Switchboard matting also meets the optional requirements cited by ASTM for flame resistance, ozone resistance and oil resistance.

Diamond Deckplate

The insulating switchboard matting is tested to the requirements of Mil-M-15562F type III. The matting displays an attractive diamond deckplate surface pattern. There are many industrial and commercial applications that take advantage of the characteristics unique to this specification, which include testing requirements for performance following exposure to sulphuric acid, oxygen bomb aging and ultraviolet light exposure.

Corrugated Top – Pebble Back

This matting is especially recommended for service where water drainage is a prime concern. The corrugated top does the usual fine job of providing a dirt-removing surface, while the pebbled back allows water and air to circulate under the matting, permitting flooring to dry.


Sharp pointed corrugations run lengthwise on this matting and are designed to help remove dirt and mud from shoes while giving lasting protection to high traffic areas. THe heavy duty corrugated flooring increases from 1/8″ to 3/16″, delivering longer life. There is also a double-thick, 1/4″, heavy duty floor that stands up to the highest wear-and-tear


This long lasting, all-purpose matting for use in industry, homes and office buildings features an open construction that prevents dirt and mud from caking on or clogging the surface. Round rib corrugations run lengthwise and are easily cleaned with soap and water. Also available are heavy duty (doubling the thickness to 1/4″) and spike-resistant ideal for golf courses and/or locker rooms.


This matting is specially designed for those applications where slip resistance is an important factor. The top of this matting has been molded with a non-directional pattern consisting of sharply pointed pyramids covering the entire surface, The bottom of the mat has a specially knurled texture to provide for skid resistance and optimal bonding characteristics.


The interesting nubby surface pattern on this matting assures safe footing. Ideal for light traffic areas. Easy to clean and long lasting, thi this is a steady performer.

Rib Lite

This lightweight, corrugated matting on this matting is designed to keep dirt and moisture from selected floor areas. Not designed to relieve heavy wear. Easy to put down and take up.

Extra Heavy Duty Smooth Top Skate Runner

This extra heavy duty 3/16″ ribless matting is for use in ice and skating rink applications. This matting is spike, cleat and skate resistant.

Corrugated Rubber

The rubber matting is designed with sharply pointed corrugations running lengthwise. This is also the product for those who must have rubber matting. Also available in heavy duty, with trice the thickness, 3/16″.