Materials: Vinyl, Polyester, and Glass Fiber
Weight: 0.63 lbs./sq. ft.
Total Thickness: 2.7mm
Additional Specs: ASTM E648 Class 1
Additional Specs: 15 dB approximately
Recommended Installation: Glue down sheets
Adhesive: Mats Inc. Perm-Bond or Release-Bond Adhesive
Options: Bolon Project Sealer for optimal appearance and durabilit


  • Incredible style with 18 colors to choose from
  • Ease of maintenance and incredible durability
  • Environmentally sound: ISO 14001 manufacturing process
  • Common Uses: Corporate office, hotels, restaurants, retail
  • The stripe pattern is designed for large areas.The width of the roll starts and ends with a color stripe of 6-3/8″ and alternates with neutral stripes of 6-5/8″

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