Ecore Accessories are designed for use with Ecore rubber surfacing products and are recommended as a system to ensure a smooth installation and years of enjoyment from your floor. The use of E-Cleaner, E-Strip, and E-Grip III on your rubber floor will also help to uphold Ecore’s warranty and make for a worry-free investment.

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Highly concentrated Green Seal™ certified E-Cleaner is available in a one-gallon container and is effective for all routine cleaning jobs. It can be used for damp mopping, scrubbing, spray and wipe cleaning, or with a hand bucket and cloth.

Coverage Rates: Initial Cleaning – one gallon for every 2,000-square-feet of rubber (15-square-feet per ounce)

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Fast acting with low odor, E-Strip removes multiple layers of finish, without harsh alkalies and other conventional components. E-Strip is available in a one-gallon container.

Coverage Rates: Heavy Soil Removal = one gallon for every 1,250-square-feet of rubber (10-square-feet per ounce)

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E-Grip III

This one-component, solvent-free, urethane adhesive is a revolutionary zero VOC-calculated product featuring low odor and improved tack properties for easy application and flat, concealed seams. It is available in two and four gallon pails.
Coverage Rates:

  • 120-square-feet/gallon – 1/16-inch by 1/32-inch by 5/64-inch U notch trowel
  • 95-square-feet/gallon – 1/16-inch by 1/16-inch by 1/16-inch square notch trowel
  • 60-square-feet/gallon – 1/8-inch by 1/8-inch by 1/8-inch square notch trowel

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Dowels and Dowel Tool

Dowels are pegs that can be purchased to join tiles together, versus gluing them to the surface. Dowel pins are available in 3 1/8-inch by 5/16-inch. The dowel insertion tool can assist with this process.

Ecore Accessories

ADA Ramps

ADA Ramps are available to make the transition between spaces easier and ADA compliant.
Coverage Rates:

  • 2.5″ x 24″ x 24″
  • 1” x 48″ x 12″

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These transition strips are for non-ADA required applications.
Coverage Rates:

  • 2.5″ x 8″ x 48″
  • 1” x 4″ x 48″

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Rollout Runway

Rollout Runway 7619 is a prefabricated, resilient, recycled rubber pad engineered to provide temporary protection from running track surfaces. Roll it out over an existing runway or track surface to protect the surface from cleats, spikes, motorized vehicles, and foot traffic. Re-roll it for easy storage.

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E-Grip Evolve

E-Grip Evolve is a proprietary, high performance, wet-set adhesive that is ideal for use with Ecore Athletic’s eLeVaTe. Available in four gallon pails.

Coverage Rates:

  • 100-125-square-feet/gallon – 1/16-inch by 1/16-inch by 1/16-inch square notch trowel
  • 150-200-square-feet/gallon – 1/32-inch by 1/16-inch by 1/32-inch U notch trowel

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E-Releasable Adhesive has been specifically designed to provide both permanent and releasable bonds for rubber-backed carpet tile. Available in four gallon pails.

Coverage Rates:

  • 125-150-square-feet/gallon – 1/16-inch by 1/16-inch by 1/16-inch square notch trowel

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Creating a new standard in floor finishing, E-Finish combines an unequaled level of environmental preference with performance, surpassing conventional floor finishing technologies. It gives a tough, black-mark resistant shine with no powdering. E-Finish excels with all maintenance systems, including scrub and recoat, spray buff, and burnish. It contains no Polymers or Urethane and meets ASTM D2047-93 requirements for slip resistance.

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Quad Blok Interlocking Connector

Quad Blok Interlocking Connectors are used with the 2.5-inch Everlast SmashTile. These 8″ x 8″ x 17mm connectors feature precisely located openings that interface with the corner leg understructure of the SmashTile for a reliable easy-down / easy-up installation.