The Importance of Proper Flooring Throughout Your Fitness Center

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When you are putting together a gym, the first items you probably think of will be the equipment, the machines, and weights. The fact is that you should always start from the ground up – literally. The floor is one of the most important aspects of your gym, but often overlooked. Think about it, except for machines, most other exercises use the floor in one way or another. To make the best choice, you should explore the different flooring options before deciding, as each has various pros and cons.

The Importance of the Right Flooring

Avoiding injuries is the most important goal any athlete should have. This is why the surface you exercise on should be your first consideration. Hard surfaces such as tiles, concrete, or hardwood floors offer no shock-absorption resulting in a transfer of the athlete’s kinetic energy back to their joints, muscles, and ligaments. Exercising on a hard surface can easily result in joint pain and injury. A floor with the right resistance will help relieve some of the stress caused by exercise and will help protect your muscles and ligaments. The importance of reducing the strain cannot be overstated.

If you have ever gone for a very long walk around the city or have spent the whole day on your feet, you have experienced the fatigue that comes from standing on a hard surface. The same number of steps or the same number of hours standing on a rubber gym flooring would have a much lower impact, giving the athlete an added boost. The extra cushion rubber provides can make a world of difference.

rubber gym flooringUsing rubber gym flooring comes with other positive points as well. Consider how important it is to have a surface that will prevent slipping; fitness rubber flooring provides greatly improved traction and grip, allowing you to dig deep and get the best workout as well as absorbing shock.


Aerobic flooring is easy to clean which can be important when you are constantly sweating on it. Rubber gym flooring is mold and bacteria resistant and makes for a very easy to clean and maintain surface. Rubber floors are great at taking punishment; you can drop weights on them time and time again and they just take it, absorb the shock and barely show any signs of wear and tear. A bonus is that they protect the floor underneath. One day you may want to change the location of your gym and it would be nice if the floor had been protected from the cracks that would undoubtedly happen from dropping weights hundreds of times.

Specialized Fitness Resources – Industry Leaders in Sports Surfacing

Fitness Rubber flooring is a great insulator and will lower your energy expense by not requiring heating. They tend to be recycled which is a positive, and they also provide acoustic protection. Things do not clatter when hitting a rubber floor, hard sole shoes do not click on the surface, and overall, rubber absorbs sound, thus making your gym a better environment. Finally, they look great.

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