Time to Update Your High School Sports Flooring

high school sports flooring

The most important decision has already been made: to update your high school’s sports flooring. Now you must ask yourself a few different questions to get to the perfect surface. Many things should be taken into consideration since you want a surface that will last a long time, look great, and yield the best performance possible. Chances are that there are different parts of the school sports facilities that need a new surface, but do not worry; for every type of activity, there are multiple options for materials and finishes.

The Weight Room

The floor in a weight room is one of the most heavily abused surfaces in any facility, but choosing the right weight room flooring does not have to be difficult. The best option for this will be a rubber floor. Rubber gym flooring comes in a variety of options, with tiles and rolls being the most common. You can get different thicknesses depending on how much protection you want to provide to both the floors below as well as the students.

With Artificial Turf, You Can Bring the Field Inside

sports flooringMaybe you want to recreate the feeling of turf indoors. This type of sports flooring gives you the ability to play sports rain-or-shine and regardless of what the temperature outside is like. This type of surface offers superior multi-use athletic field performance. It protects the athletes’ joints by providing an even cushion to minimize the impact suffered while engaging in most physical activities. And artificial turf is available in a variety of colors, including custom colors, to match your school’s branding.

The Court

One of the most important surfaces in any high school is the court. Whether we are talking basketball or volleyball, the court tends to be the gathering place for your athletic department. You will want a surface that your athletes, cheerleaders, and coaches will feel happy to call home. Chances are you will want a custom job, something including the school’s logo or mascot, that looks great and performs even better. Plus, you want a long-lasting surface for years to come. At Specialized Supplies and Services, we love custom jobs as they give the client a chance to express themselves and create something unique and personal.

Locker Room Flooring

When evaluating flooring for your high school sports facilities, don’t forget about your locker room. You want to find a locker room flooring for collective showers and lockers that is slip-resistant, water-resistant, supportive, hygienic, and easy to clean. Flooring that is specifically designed for locker rooms often offers a drain-through design and anti-bacterial agents manufactured into the flooring, helping to reduce slippage and protect students. Of course, teaching your students to practice good hygiene in the locker room also helps!

If you are thinking of installing new aerobic flooring for your space, contact Specialized Fitness Resources. We are the industry leader in sports surfacing, specialty rubber products, and equipment. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you. Call us today at 305-752-0451.