Top Flooring Options for Olympic Lifting

olympic lifting flooring

Weightlifting requires massive strength in different parts of the body; the discipline consists of attempting to lift the highest weight possible one time. The athlete will have three attempts to make his or her marks. The athletes compete in what is called the snatch, clean-and-jerk, as well as the overall. The best lift is awarded to the person who lifts the most, relative to their weight. So, you could have an athlete lift less weight than another and yet, beat them. The sport was founded in Budapest at the beginning of the 1900s, and since then, the IWF or International Weightlifting Federation has been the controlling entity. Equipment includes weight plates, bar, and Olympic lifting flooring.

Better Safe Than Injured

This type of weightlifting is very intense and should not be trained more than two or three times a week. Your body needs to be fully rested before attempting it, or you will risk injury. For the rest of the week, it is recommended that you do regular weightlifting and strength training. Key areas to watch out for and to strengthen are the back, the wrists and arms, you will need to keep your shoulders in great shape as well. If performed incorrectly, Olympic weightlifting can cause injury; lifting on the wrong type of surface can also prove very dangerous and have serious consequences, which is why you should always use Olympic weightlifting flooring.

olympic flooringWhat Is the Best Option for Olympic Weightlifting Flooring?

There are several good ones, but all of them are made of the same material; rubber. You can use rubber mats, the thicker, the better to spread the shock of the impact. Another commonly used floor protection for Olympic lifting is a wooden platform. It also depends on your equipment and how you use it. For example, if you use bumper plates, which are made of very dense rubber on the outside and steel in the middle, your floor will suffer a lot less than if you are using steel plates.  Also, bumper plates are safer to drop.

Depends on You

How you train makes a difference; if you are the type to drop the weights from the shoulder like they are hot right after lifting them, then sooner or later, the floor beneath will pay the price.  Even with the protection of rubber, on the other hand, if you lower the weight and let it fall from a reasonable distance, your floors will be alright.

Which powerlifting flooring option works best for you will also depend on the space that you have allocated for lifting.  Either rubber mats, rubber tiles, diamond plate flooring or rubber rolls combined with a wooden platform will make the best combination and will protect both your floors beneath as well as your body from injury.

Get the Best Olympic Weightlifting Flooring

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