Best Flooring Based on These 3 Fitness Activities

fitness flooring

No matter the kind of fitness activity you’re into, the right flooring is essential. Each sports flooring option responds differently to the needs of the athlete, and the athlete’s needs change based upon the discipline they are practicing. The perfect surface for a CrossFit enthusiast is substantially different from what a weightlifter or yogi requires. Let’s look at some of the best flooring options for yoga, CrossFit, and aerobics.

Not All Yoga Mats Are the Same

Yoga may not require a lot of space to practice, but the area does need specific fitness flooring. You have probably heard of yoga mats, but you might not know what makes a yoga mat stand out from the rest. There are a few distinct things to keep in mind when purchasing a yoga mat.

The first thing is the thickness. Ideally, you want something about a quarter of an inch thick to be able to absorb enough of the force exerted by your body when changing positions. The thicker the mat, however, the more cumbersome it is to carry and take with you to the yoga studio. Like most things, it will depend on what you value more: portability or comfort.

gym flooringThe texture of a yoga mat is also crucial, as it will determine how much traction it will provide. However, it is also a matter of personal choice. What surface feels right for you? Some mats come from recycled material, making them environmentally friendly, while others are not eco-friendly at all.

CrossFit Surfaces

If you drop a 50-pound kettlebell on a concrete floor, you know the result will not be pretty. Without a doubt, when it comes to CrossFit, of all the commercial gym flooring options, rubber is the way to go. Rubber comes in different varieties, including rolls, tiles, and horse stall mats. You can also choose from various thicknesses. Most people will agree that the 3/8-inch-thick rubber rolls are one of the top sports floor options for CrossFit. Be warned that if you plan on carrying them yourself, you may want to consider enlisting a few of your CrossFit friends to give you a hand with the rolls as they are quite heavy. Ideally, professionals should install them, especially if you plan on gluing it to the surface below.


Different surfaces are suitable for an aerobics space. When deciding upon a “best” fitness flooring option, there is room for ambiguity and subjectivity. One person may prefer the feel and rebound of rubber, while another prefers hardwood. For aerobics, vinyl tile with a rubber underlayment is a fantastic option, because it is indistinguishable from actual wood. It may look like wood, but it is a fraction of the cost, and it comes prefinished and ready to assemble. Vinyl tile is durable and will never need refinishing. It is easy to maintain and clean, and its cushioning absorbs shock, protects your joints, and reduces fatigue.

Find the Best Flooring Options at Specialized Fitness Resources

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