4 Types of Common Fitness Flooring Options

fitness flooring options

There are many kinds of flooring options you can use to make your perfect fitness space.  Depending on the people using the area and their exercise routines, you may lean toward one or another type of flooring. This article will provide an overview of four types of common fitness flooring options.

Wood Floors

Sporting facilities, such as basketball and volleyball courts, tend to utilize wood flooring.  Wood floors are also suitable for dancing and exercise classes. This type of flooring provides an unrivaled level of customization. However, wood requires maintenance, and eventually, it needs refinishing. Wood floors are not extremely shock absorbent, and they require professional installation. Although wood floors are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, they are not flexible. Once installed, you cannot change them to another place.

Rubber Floors

Many people consider rubber gym flooring to be the best choice for commercial or personal gym setups. These floors offer many advantages that make life easier. You can put any amount of heavy equipment you want on rubber floors. Rubber floors are also shock absorbent and resilient, providing much-needed protection to the floor underneath weightlifting equipment. If someone accidentally drops a dumbbell, you can rest easy knowing there won’t be any damage, not to mention the noise will be minimal.

fitness rubber flooringRubber flooring provides safety to you and your clients by reducing slips, falls, accidents, and even knee injuries due to its traction and cushion. It is non-allergenic, antimicrobial, and it does not attract insects. Furthermore, rubber flooring is recyclable and eco-friendly, unlike some other options.

Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats are trendy. You can put them just about anywhere, and if you want to change it to another place, you merely pick it up and put it where you want. There are a variety of mats that cover different needs, including yoga, Pilates, and martial arts. They possess all the advantages of rubber flooring, such as being easy to clean and maintain. They also do not absorb odors and are durable.

Artificial Turf

Another popular choice is artificial turf. You can customize it to fit any space, and it offers a stunning aesthetic. However, artificial turf does not provide terrific protection to the surface below it. While it does deliver some cushion compared to hard surfaces, it doesn’t equate to the level of support that rubber floors offer. Cleaning artificial turf is more challenging than the work required for rubber flooring.

Choose the Right Flooring Option with Specialized Fitness Resources

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