Cover Your Floor with the Latest and Greatest in Soundproof Flooring

soundproof flooring

Having your gym or just a dedicated space to exercise is an empowering experience; it leads to strengthening your muscles and improving your overall health, which is something that we all want. The thing about gyms is that they can be noisy places, all the clinks and clanks of metal hitting the floor, machines being used and so on can be very distracting. It can also be a pain for the rest of the family to listen to this cacophony of sound coming from the gym while you are working out, and if you are a night owl and want to make use of the gym at night, chances are you will be keeping the family awake.

Soundproofing Your Gym

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this issue. Soundproofing your floors will make your exercise space silent as a whisper and will mitigate any complaints the rest of the family might have. While we are on the subject of gym flooring, you should be very mindful of the fact that exercise equipment is rough on floors and usually damages just about any surface.  Just imagine a kettlebell dropping on your beautiful hardwood or marble floors, and you can see where this is headed. So, what can you do? Soundproof or protect your floors?

Two Birds with One Stone, Why Settle for one When You Can Have Both?

You do not have to choose. The latest and greatest technology in soundproof gym flooring is here, and it will do more than just reduce the noise you make to almost inaudible levels. Still, it will protect your floor underneath, yielding exceptional impact and soundproofing results. As the exclusive distributors for the Centaur Sound Reducer flooring in the state of Florida, we have precisely the surface you need for your dedicated exercise area.

Some Added Benefits of Centaur Sound Reducing Floors

Centaur sound-reducing underlayment is fast and easy to install and compatible with most floor finishes, it comes in 48-inch-wide rolls and a variety of standard and custom thicknesses. It is even compatible with radiant heat flooring systems and backed up by over 400 independent laboratory and field tests, it is also made in the USA and will help your local economy.  Did I mention it reduces sound better than 12mm cork? Well, it does, and it protects even the most brittle of ceramic or porcelain floors from cracks and other damage.

Keep Your New Year’s Resolution With Soundproof Flooring

We all tend to say, starting the first of the year, I am” going to exercise more!” But then, after a week or so, we come up with all the excuses in the world, the gym is too far, it takes too long to get in the car, go to the gym and workout, I can’t exercise at home because it makes too much noise. Well, with this soundproof fitness floor and having your gym at hand, all of those excuses will melt away, and you will be able to keep your resolution, easy as pie.

If you’re looking for the most reliable, durable and soundproof fitness flooring, consider Specialized Fitness Resources. We are the industry leaders in sports surfacing, specialty rubber products, and equipment. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you. Call us today at 305-752-0451.