Exploring the Latest Fitness Trends for 2020

fitness trends for 2020

Home Gyms are on the Rise

More and more people are making their own dedicated space for exercising at home. Home gyms are becoming an industry on its own, and it is expected to continue to boom as more people are working remotely and want the convenience of avoiding traffic. Home gyms offer many advantages over the traditional route as it saves you time and, in the long run, saves you money as well. Most importantly, it makes it easy to get up and have an excellent workout and a

healthy routine

. Just make sure to select the right
sports flooring
for your gym.

Digital Studios

As home gyms are rising, so are digital studios where you can stream a class in the comfort of your gym and at virtually any time. Expect more online courses, more digital apps to keep track of your progress and more gadgets to help you stay on top of your game. Another exciting trend is the virtual trainer; a virtual trainer can provide the same level of personalization at a fraction of the in-person cost. As technology improves and gadgets get better, you will see how fitness reaches a whole new level of customization, making your workout all the more effective as it is tailor-made for you.

Rowing Machines and Rowing Classes

fitness flooring
Rowing machines used to get no love at all, they sat in the corner of most gyms sad and lonely collecting dust, but recent trends are bringing these machines back into the spotlight. They are easy on your joints yet challenging enough to fuel the rowing craze we are witnessing.


Cardio tends to be boring for most people, but kickboxing offers an excellent cardio workout in a much more fun setting. It also relieves heaps of stress as only punching a bag can and has been increasing in popularity steadily for some time. With the right
commercial gym flooring

, you can protect your joints and keep your stamina up while burning about 600 calories per session. Another good thing about kickboxing is that you do not need much space, just hang the bag and have at it.

Strength Training

Another popular trend that will continue to rise is strength training. Research shows that as we age, we lose muscle mass, and the only way to counter this effect of aging is to strength train. Make sure you protect your floors with the right fitness flooring before you start dropping kettlebells all over the place, though, or you will likely destroy your floor in no time.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga has been accessible for a long time; now, meditation is catching up. Meditation and mindfulness are all the buzz these days, and for a good reason, a yoga session followed by 15 minutes of meditation can change your life for the better very quickly, it takes little space, just a nice comfortable yoga mat. Before you know it, you will be one with the universe.

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