Which Flooring Material is Best for Impact Exercises?

flooring material impact exercises

Impact Exercises, You Pick

Most people are aware of the immense health benefits derived from exercise. Sometimes it is difficult to choose as there are a million types of exercises you can do in your home gym, from high impact to low impact, and depending on your goals and your level of fitness, you may benefit from one range of exercises over another. When deciding on an indoor sports flooring option, you should keep in mind the type of activity you will be doing on it.

High Impact Exercises

High impact is defined as the type of workout that moves both feet off the ground simultaneously. Think running, jumping, doing burpees, etc. Some of the popular programs, including this type of exercise, are CrossFit and P90X. High impact is tough on your body and your joints. If you are jumping up and down for an hour, your knees and ankles will get the brunt of the punishment. For this type of workout, you want something that will protect your ankles providing the right shock absorption but still giving you a firm enough surface that you will not twist your ankle or end up hurt.

Power mats are a good example. Rubber, in general, tends to be the best option; it comes in a variety of ways, interlocking tiles, rolls, and mats. If agility and speed are more critical than shock absorption, then Fitness flooring turf might be the best way to go; these are also a great way to bring the outside indoors!

sports flooringLow Impact Exercises

Most machine workouts are considered low impact, other activities such as swimming, walking, water aerobics, yoga, Pilates, tai chi, rollerblading, and even ballroom dancing as well. Don’t let the name “low impact” fool you; you can get a very intense workout with minimal impact on your joints. Different types of exercises can benefit from various surfaces, weightlifting, which is also considered low impact, requires a sturdy surface such as rubber to protect the floor underneath. Ballroom dancing, on the other hand, is great on hardwood. For yoga, on the other hand, all you need is a yoga mat that you can take with you and have your workout anywhere you want to go.

Tailored Made Surfaces to Fit Your Needs

If you have a dedicated space for your workout routines and you know what exercises you plan on taking on, the best thing to do is to talk to a surface specialist and figure out a personalized solution for your gym. There are many surfaces you can choose from. You may decide to have rubber gym flooring on one area while fitness flooring turf on another. It may be that your best option is hardwood overall, but you want an area with a power mat for your weights or a yoga mat for your stretches.

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