How to Build Your In-Home Workout Studio

build your in home gym

Let’s face it, a massive part of the reason we procrastinate and end up staying home and watching tv is that we must leave the house. Getting out of the house, into your car only to drive through traffic so we can work out can be quite an ordeal.  If you live in a big city like Miami, traffic can almost guarantee you will be stuck on the road for at least 45 minutes and If you live up north, half of the year, the world around you is covered in snow, who wants to go out in that? There is an easy solution to this dilemma; build your gym right at home and say goodbye to excuses.

Build Your Own Gym at Home

In times past, quality exercise equipment was costly, but as time has passed, prices have become more affordable. The same applies to indoor sports flooring where choices are now many, and ease of installation is such that do-it-yourselfers have no problem installing sports flooring. So, you know you want to make a gym at home. Now start from the bottom up by installing the right floor for you and your routine.

Analyze Your Workout Routine

weight room flooringTo make the right choice, you will have to know the type of workout you plan on having. Different activities will benefit from different floors. If you want to make a weight room, then weight room flooring should follow, if instead, you are planning on doing aerobic exercise such as dancing, you could end up choosing a beautiful hardwood floor with soundproof underlayment. You certainly do not want to be dropping heavy weights on the hardwood, but if you decide you need both, you can find a middle ground.

For example, if your gym has hardwood flooring, and you want to do free weights, you could get a power mat to cover the area dedicated to weights and avoid destroying the wood underneath.  If you’re going to be able to do just about every type of activity and you don’t want to think about it too much, you can always go with the more flexible surface, rubber. Rubber comes in a variety of formats, making it perfect to fit your space just right.

Got the Floor, Now What?

Time for the right equipment. Do you want to install a resistance machine and an elliptical? Or are you more into free weights and kickboxing? It all hinges on what it is you want to do and achieve with your workout. If you are into CrossFit, you can get away with some kettlebells, rope, and little else. If you are looking to bulk up, you might need to invest in some serious weights, and if Olympic lifting is your thing, bumper plates and a wooden flatform are the way to go. Once you know what you want, it is easier to figure out what equipment you will need for your gym.

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