4 Outside-the-Box Ways to Use CrossFit Flooring

crossfit flooring


CrossFit flooring is a sturdy and resilient type of floor, making it versatile and long-lasting. It is also easy to install and maintain. Even with its exceptional resilience, it is soft underfoot and provides cushion for your joints, especially your knees. Commercial gym flooring is not only meant for the gym, but you can also implement it anywhere to reduce slips, accidents, and falls. Moreover, it is easy to clean, and it reduces sounds and noise. This article will provide four outside-the-box ways to use CrossFit flooring outside of the gym.


CrossFit flooring is suitable for outdoor spaces. Maybe you are practicing yoga, and you don’t necessarily want to lug along a yoga mat every time. CrossFit Flooring installed outside will allow you to practice downward-facing dog and planking without getting covered in grass and dirt. Get all the enjoyment of being in nature with the benefits of stable indoor flooring.

Children Playgrounds

CrossFit Flooring can also be safe for children’s play spaces. Its impact shock absorption is perfect for toddlers learning to walk or for children jostling around the playroom. CrossFit flooring has antibacterial, anti-slip, and anti-allergic properties that are all great for children. This type of flooring also reduces noise and creates good insulation for the area. CrossFit Flooring provides parents with the peace of mind of knowing that if their kids fall, the floor will protect them from severe injury. Kids love this type of flooring because it encourages free play, and it adds bounce to their steps.

exercising flooringSenior Spaces

While there are many exercise flooring options, they all have one thing in common, safety. This aspect makes them ideal for the elderly as it reduces the chances of slipping and falling. If there is an accident involving a fall, CrossFit flooring reduces body impact. You only need a damp mop to clean these floors. Moreover, they do not need refinishing or maintenance, and they last virtually forever. Create the perfect senior room or space with CrossFit flooring.


People tend to stand or walk around during work. Gym floors will leave employees of your company refreshed because it is soft on the feet. People can stand on CrossFit flooring longer than ordinary tile. Employees will not experience long-term injuries related to joint fatigue and overuse. They will also avoid slips while moving materials, and if there is a fall, the floor will cushion their impact. These qualities make gym floors ideal for retail and customer service businesses.

The antibacterial properties of rubber also make it perfect for places where hygiene is critical, including restaurants and medical facilities. Imagine performing a lengthy procedure while standing on a hard tile surface. The fatigue in a surgeon’s feet could lead them to make mistakes in the operating room, whereas the soft padding of gym floors could keep them comfortable for hours. Gym floor implementation improves the work of employees because they are more content in their space.

Utilize CrossFit Flooring for Your Application

CrossFit flooring has a myriad of applications outside of just commercial gyms. If you can dream it, you can create a space with gym flooring that improves the lives of the people walking within that area. Specialized Fitness Resources is an industry leader in sports surfacing, specialty rubber products, and equipment, and we will help you incorporate gym floors into your design. Call us at 305-752-0451 today to request a quote and begin building a better environment with CrossFit flooring.