What’s the Deal with Acoustic Flooring?

acoustic gym flooring

Have you ever walked into an empty room where you could hear every tiny sound? This amplified echo can be very distracting. Now imagine that sound multiplied a thousand-fold, and that’s what happens when a gym does not insulate its surfaces against noise.

When you start your workout routine, the last thing you want is a cacophony of noise to distract you from your workout routine. You do not need the clinks and clanks of weights and fitness equipment to dominate the space, as this noise can drive anyone a little crazy, especially in a place where numerous people contribute to the sound pollution. Therefore, gyms need to incorporate acoustic flooring to cut down on this unnecessary noise. This article will outline some of the science of sound and how acoustic flooring provides a solution to sound pollution.

Sound Waves

The reason sound pollution occurs is simple. Sound travels in waves, and when these waves meet a rigid surface, they bounce right back to you. Solid and rigid surfaces magnify this sound reflection because they do not disrupt the noise enough to dampen it.  Conversely, soft surfaces absorb sound waves by dispersing them over a broader area to keep the room silent. More soft surfaces in an area mean more absorption of sound.

Surface shapes are also essential, as they can diffuse or amplify sound. For example, put some music on your phone and place that phone into a bowl. The volume will seemingly rise by about 75 percent because of the intensification of the sound wave. Some acoustic tiles feature specialized shapes on the floor-facing side that interrupt the travel of sound waves and diffuse any noise.

acoustic flooringThe Solution to Sound Pollution

The answer to this problem is quite simple. By equipping your gym with the right acoustic flooring, you can dampen the sound and lower the volume, keeping it within acceptable levels. Acoustic padding can also help disperse sound waves to create a more peaceful and enjoyable workout area. Furthermore, vibrations from the equipment will contribute to damage, and acoustic flooring dampens that vibration.

Acoustic Gym Flooring

There are a variety of options for reducing equipment vibration and overall sound in your gym. Acoustic padding for floors is a superb solution, but sound-absorbing underlayment can also be a useful option, especially if there is a harder surface on top. Generally, any rubber flooring will work to absorb sound waves and diminish vibrations. Carpet and cork flooring are other soft and reasonable options. However, these alternatives are not as effective, and they require regular maintenance and cleaning.

STC Ratings

Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a rating on how well a product attenuates sound. While the products discussed here are reasonable choices for reducing sound pollution, the STC of each product varies. You will need to contact Specialized Fitness Resources for specific surface information.

Create a Quieter Gym with Acoustic Flooring

Is your gym raucous and deafening due to the utter lack of dampening? Enlist the services of an experienced and professional surface company to create quietude for your gym. At Specialized Fitness Resources, our team of experts can assist you in the process of selecting acoustic flooring and diminishing sound pollution. We are the industry leader in sports surfacing, specialty rubber products, and equipment for soundproofing. Call us at 305-752-0451 today to request a quote and start incorporating acoustic flooring into your gym.