Tips for Selecting Acoustic Flooring

acoustic flooring

If you are looking to have acoustic flooring installed in your home or business, you need to know how to go about making the selection. This type of flooring is essential for any business because it helps to reduce noise disturbance and enhance the quality of the sound in your space. The materials you select for this flooring makes the difference between good quality sound and poor quality sound. Why? The noise made in your building will either be transmitted by the walls, ceilings, and floors, and can be absorbed or reflected.

There are two benefits of installing acoustic flooring in your home or business: reducing the background noise and preventing sound from traveling.

Consider Carpet

You should consider carpet for your commercial space, especially if you run a hotel or other property where a lot of people will congregate. Carpet helps to mitigate what’s known as impact sound. Impact sound is created by footsteps, machines, carts, or other objects. Impact sound is easily transmitted throughout a building if you do not choose the right acoustic flooring. Carpet with thick padding underneath will easily absorb sound and prevent it from traveling to other floors or rooms. It is also a common choice for schools.

Take a Look at Rubber

acoustic padding for floorsRubber flooring is another common option to review when choosing soundproof flooring. It can be found in schools, hospitals, kitchens, and gyms. Why? Not only does rubber flooring absorb sound, but it also prevents the growth of mildew and mold. It is also slip-resistant, which is important in hospitals and schools.

Wood Plastic Composite Flooring is an Option

Another flooring option you should look into is what’s known as wood plastic composite (WPC) flooring. Does your property have a lot of foot traffic? WPC is your best flooring option. Not only is WPC waterproof, it is also very easy to maintain. 


Have you ever thought about installing vinyl as a method of mitigating noise in your office or other commercial space? If so, you shouldn’t look at just any tile. You need to examine vinyl tile. When you choose vinyl tile, be sure to add the sound-insulating layer that goes underneath it. This tile is durable, versatile, and is cost-efficient when it’s time to maintain it.

Density and Thickness are Important

When you are searching for acoustic padding for floors, you should pay close attention to the density and thickness of the material. The thicker and denser the product is, the better acoustics you will have in rooms where the material is installed. Why? The thickness and density make it easier for the material to absorb the sound in the room, preventing it from traveling.

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