Upgrade Your Multipurpose Recreation Flooring

multipurpose recreation flooring

The keyword here is multipurpose. Perhaps your home gym or the area you are considering upgrading is primarily used for one type of workout or sport, but if you are like most people, you probably want a space where you can enjoy a variety of activities. Gym flooring is essential if you want the most out of your workout but with so many options — from fitness rubber flooring to hardwood—the decision may seem a little daunting.

High Impact Activities Versus Sports

If you are planning on installing weight machines or using free weights in your gym, you should probably cross hardwood off the list of flooring options. On the other hand, you are looking for a surface that can accommodate multiple sports, an aerobic flooring might be the best option for you. It is a beautiful option that is long-lasting if treated and maintained correctly, and it also allows for plenty of customization.  Going back to the weights, the machines and all the equipment tend to be made of metal and are constantly in contact with your floor. If this is the type of environment you need, then rubber gym floors are the way to go. This type of surface is very durable, made to take heavy punishment and is quite versatile as well.

gym flooringOutside Versus Inside Surfaces

Research shows that outdoor natural environments have a positive impact on physical and mental well-being. If you’re planning an outdoor fitness area, you should keep in mind that outdoor surfaces are constantly assaulted by the elements. Rain, heat, cold, water, you name it, that outdoor surface is being hit by it on a regular basis. With that in mind, you need a material that can hold its ground against exposure while still delivering great performance. Rubber is the go-to material for the outdoors; rubber playground flooring comes in different varieties from tiles to mats and even rubber mulch. Rubber playground surfaces can be customized to fit your space like a glove, all while offering excellent performance for a wide range of activities.

Artificial turf can be another great option as it is made to take as much abuse as rubber and can also be a host to many different types of activities.  You can get a little bit of that natural look by using artificial turf and you can even use it for. CrossFit enthusiasts, for example, tend to rave about this type of surface as it reduces fatigue, takes a fair amount of wear and tear, and looks amazing inside or outdoors. 

Once You Are Ready, We are Here to Guide and Help You

Having an expert by your side will make designing your space and upgrading your floor a breeze. Professional and experienced floor solution experts can help you avoid costly mistakes as well as make the best decisions for your gym, court, garage, or any surface you want to enhance.

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