What Types of Flooring Should I Use for a Martial Arts Gym?

martial arts flooring

Martial arts are a fantastic way to keep in shape. It also teaches and promotes self-discipline, self-defense, and healthy self-esteem for its students. Martial arts are ideal not only for adults but children as well, educating them on focus and patience.  Any physical activity should always consider safety, and martial arts are no exception. Besides wearing typical protective gear, martial arts require a particular flooring for proper training and practice. Let’s look at the different types of martial arts flooring to determine what options are best for this style of gym.

Different Flooring Options for Martial Arts

Some martial arts focus on grappling, some on striking, and some disciplines combine both techniques. Each style benefits from different types of commercial gym flooring. For example, in Judo, you deal with high impacts all the time as the object is to throw the opponent on the floor. Using mats on top of a hard surface can lead to injuries, as they can only absorb a small portion of the kinetic energy. When selecting a mat, you need to have one that is at least two inches in thickness. Ideally, when designing a floor for Judo, you should consider the subfloor material, as it should dissipate part of the impact.

Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, and Others

commercial gym flooringMany martial arts teach a discipline where most of the action happens while standing. Striking through punching, kicking, kneeing, and elbowing are common, whereas being thrown on the floor is not. Traditionally, many of these locations used wood as a preferred surface, but fitness flooring can absorb some energy, thereby reducing fatigue and allowing students to stay on their feet for longer.

MMA Training Mats

In Mixed Martial Arts, you can encounter a variety of scenarios. Striking while standing, grappling on the floor, or throwing the opponent are all options in this style of martial arts. Choosing the wrong surface for this activity can cause injuries if the surface isn’t a sufficient thickness to absorb sudden impacts. MMA offers a complicated situation, as you need shock-absorption flooring, but you also require something that will not give you surface burns. Flooring materials like rubber tend to grip, but they can cause surface burns.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Much like mixed martial arts, in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, you tend to end up on the floor, grappling, and finishing when one person applies a joint lock on the opponent. You need shock-absorption flooring that offers both softness and hardness without gripping too much. Foam mats could be an adequate option for this type of combat sport.

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