Will Running on Rubber Flooring Damage My Knees?

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Running is the go-to exercise routine for millions of people. It provides a great cardio workout and keeps you fit while raising your stamina. There are a few things to keep in mind about running and the surfaces we usually use to do so. The first thing you must realize is that human beings created the entire environment, so it is inherently artificial. If you live in a city or even a small town, hard and rigid surfaces surround you.  In nature, most surfaces where people would walk, run, or live were relatively soft, think grasslands, sand, or even soil. Most of these natural surfaces were similar to rubber flooring, as they offered some level of shock absorption and cushioning. This article will explain why rubber flooring does not damage your body more than other regular running surfaces.

We Live in a Concrete Jungle

Unless you are a hermit who thrives in nature somewhere far away from civilization, chances are all the floors available to you are as rigid as stone. They will either consist of concrete tiles or asphalt, none of which offer any real cushioning. As a result, when you go running, you will end up exercising on a surface that your body didn’t intend to run on, at least not for extended periods. This type of physical activity on the wrong surface can, and often does, result in knee injuries. The reason why is simple. With every stride you take, the kinetic energy transferred from your body to the surface has no place to go. This lack of transfer creates a feedback loop where that energy returns to your body, and your knees absorb the impact.

rubber fitness flooringA More Natural Surface for Your Joints

When you run on a rubber gym floor, the cushioning provided by that floor absorbs some of the force exerted by the weight of your body striking the surface, resulting in less kinetic energy rebounding back to your knees. While running will always cause some wear and tear on your body, doing so on rubber fitness flooring can minimize your chance of injury while reducing fatigue and allowing for a more complete and healthier workout.

Most people live busy lives and hardly have time to find a nature trail for running. Even if you do have access to nature routes, there are times of the year where it is either too cold or too hot to go for a jog. Let’s face it; we like our creature comforts, making running indoors appealing. You can have the best of both worlds: you can have the convenience of the indoors while enjoying a more natural-feeling surface that protects your knees and joints, as well as provides an overall better experience.

Get Rubber Flooring for Running From Specialized Fitness Resources

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