My Gym Only Has Machines: Do I Still Need Commercial Gym Flooring?

commercial gym flooring

If you only have machines in your gym, you might think proper rubber gym flooring is unnecessary. However, this misconception is far from reality, and it could end up costing you money.  The types of machines commonly used in a gym are heavy and bulky due to their metal construction. Metal is the only material that is heavy and resistant enough to make an adequate exercise machine. All that weight needs a place to rest. If the surface it rests on is overly hard, such as stone or tile, it will suffer significant damage in little time. Here are some reasons why commercial gym flooring is a necessity for your gym setup.

Wear and Tear

Every time you pull on weight and then release it, the machine transfers the kinetic energy into the floor. Over time that creates scratches, stains, chips, and breaks in the surface. The only thing that prevents this wear and tear is a legitimate fitness rubber floor. With the right flooring options, the underlying surface will be safe from cracks and scratches, while the machines stay put due to the anti-slip quality of the rubber floor.  

Prevent Your Equipment from Slipping

In any gym, you will find many types of machines, including training machines, bench press, cable, pull, rowing machines, bicycles, treadmills, and many more. All this equipment has one thing in common: it is heavy and needs a proper floor to absorb any pressure exerted. These machines can move and shift a little every time due to the kinetic energy exchange, causing damage to the floor and becoming dangerous for the user.

Safety First

Safety is crucial in the gym. Fitness rubber flooring helps keep athletes safe. They provide traction and cushion to minimize slips and mitigate joint stress. They are easy on your body, soft on your feet, and gentle on your joints. This softening will help you reduce fatigue and be able to work out for a longer time without harm.

Commercial gym floors also have many other advantages. They are meant to take a lot of stress, traffic, and weight on them without suffering.  They are practically maintenance-free, as all you need is a vacuum cleaner and a damp mop. Fitness floors are long-lasting, durable, and practical. They are odor-resistant and waterproof, which means that sweat or spilled drinks will not permeate the surface, and you can quickly wipe it dry. Furthermore, rubber floors are phenomenal sound insulators, making them ideal for a noisy place like a gym. Genuine rubber gym floors will stay in prime condition for a long time.

Hire a Professional to Install Your New Gym Floors

Now that you know the benefits of commercial gym flooring, you cannot afford to go a minute longer without them. Enlist the experienced and professional services of Specialized Fitness Resources to install your new gym floor. We are the industry leader in sports surfacing, specialty rubber products, and equipment. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you. Call us at 305-752-0451 today to request a quote and begin the installation process.