How to Build the Ultimate Indoor Workout Studio

rubber flooring

What is the ultimate indoor workout studio? This is a very personal question. Almost impossible to answer unless you know who the studio is for. To each person, the answer will be different; what is your workout routine? What do you aim to achieve with your studio? If you are into CrossFit, the answer will likely be very different than if you are a weightlifter. 

If you are a runner, the perfect indoor workout studio will be very different than if you are a mixed martial artist, but no matter what you are into, there will be one thing you will need. The perfect fitness floor.

Fitness flooring comes in many different varieties to accommodate the different styles of workout from artificial turf to rubber flooring, wooden platforms, and more.


Let’s say you are into CrossFit; Nowadays, this is one of the most popular exercise routines. Chances are you will need a surface that will protect the floor below, as you are likely to use weights that can damage the floor below. Rubber flooring is your best bet. The thickness of it will vary depending on how much you engage in weightlifting. How much you spend doing aerobic exercises, etc. but something middle of the ground is probably your best bet. The cushioning effect of this fitness flooring will also help prevent injuries and will keep you refreshed longer, allowing for a better and fuller workout.


rubber flooring

If you are a runner and could care less about any other type of physical activity, there is the question of whether you will use machines or an indoor track to run on. Most people do not have enough space indoors to make an indoor track happen. So, assuming you are using fitness machines, you can probably use a wooden platform or even an artificial turf to give you the impression you are running in nature.


If you are a weightlifter and deal with very heavy equipment, then a thicker variety of rubber flooring is your best option. As with the CrossFit example, it will protect your floor from the falling weights and protect your joints by providing some extra cushion. Most weightlifters also use weight machines, and you can be sure that rubber flooring will create the perfect barrier between your fitness machines and your floor below.

To Each Their Own

In the end, this is a question only you can answer for yourself, what kind of equipment will you use? What is the best way to maximize your space and take your workout to the next level? Do you need something to distract you while you work out, such as a television or a sound system, or will you benefit from a distraction-free environment that focuses all your energy on the exercise at hand?

Choose Specialized Fitness Resources to Build The Ultimate Indoor Workout Studio

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