How to Buy Commercial Gym Flooring

commercial gym flooring

The first thing to do when buying gym flooring is to identify the activities that will take place in your gym. Is your gym home to a million static bikes and little else? Maybe your gym is more of a bodybuilding place, or a CrossFit studio, or a combination of these and more (the most common setup). Each type of gym flooring is better suited for one type of activity or another. For example, if you are constantly dropping kettlebells on the floor, the surface you are likely to need is one that can absorb the shock of a heavy item, protecting the floor underneath, and at the same time avoid that object bounce back at you, thus preventing an injury.  As you can see, this is very different than the surface you would use for running, dancing, or playing sports.

Consider the Different Areas of the Gym

You should also consider that there will most likely be different areas in the gym, each of which would benefit from a different type of floor. In the world of gym flooring, it is not always a one size fits all type of solution.

rubber gym flooringRubber sports flooring, for example, works great for an area devoted to weightlifting whereas CrossFit enthusiasts would benefit from fitness rubber flooring turf. To ensure you’re selecting the right flooring for your gym, you need a clear idea of the design and layout you want. As you identify each area of the gym and its potential use, you’ll be better equipped to make sure you find the right surface to cover the floor.

Once You Are Ready, Contact the Experts

You want to avoid mistakes that can cost you down the line. Having an expert help you with the installation is probably your best bet. Imagine that after installing carpet in the locker room, there is an area that gets damp and that the moisture has caused mold. Now you must find a company that removes mold, then you have to replace the carpet and finally reinstall a new surface in such a way that the mold is avoided in the future. At the end of the day, you would have spent much more than what you would have if you had installed the appropriate surface right from the start. The right commercial gym flooring company can offer friendly guidance and will help you find the right fit for each area of your gym, avoiding pitfalls and future headaches.

Specialized Fitness Resources

Specialized Fitness Resources has been around for a long time; our customer service is unparalleled, and we offer a wide variety of commercial flooring solutions for your gym. From environmentally-friendly products to installation, we will be glad to help you realize your vision.

We provide an enormous array of sports surfacing and specialty rubber products with competitive pricing for the fitness industry. To get more information about what type of flooring is right for your commercial gym or to request a quote, give us a call today at 305-752-0451.