Options for Home Gym Flooring

home gym flooring

As you might have imagined, when it comes to home gym flooring there are several options to choose from. To make your ultimate home gym you will need to start building from a solid foundation and that means finding the best home gym flooring first.

You should identify the space you plan on using as a gym; it may be large or small and, depending on the size, you may need to go one way or another with your floor choice. If you have a small space, for example, a gym mat can be the best solution. On the other hand, if you have a large space your options open up.

Tiles for Your Floor

Just like you would tile your living room floor, you can tile your gym. These tiles, however, offer a different function than your run of the mill tiles, they protect your floor underneath while preventing injury and helping the athlete with fatigue. When it comes to home gym flooring ideas tiles are among the most versatile.   If your budget is on the lower end you should consider carpet tiles or foam tiles. These are generally inexpensive and just might do the job since foam tiles offer a much greater shock absorption than the carpet counterpart and are easier to install and maintain.  If your budget is a little higher you should consider rubber tiles as these offer the best durability, shock absorption, and overall performance. Rubber tiles are easy to install and easy to maintain, they are often made with recycled materials and are among the favorite rubber flooring for home gyms.

best home gym flooringNon-Tiled Gym Surfaces

Rubber flooring also comes in rolls and is a cheaper alternative to tiles, but is not quite as easy to install because, as you can imagine, a rubber roll is a bit too heavy for one person to handle comfortably. Once installed, these look great and offer approximately the same type of performance as their tiled counterparts.  They come in different thicknesses to accommodate different activities as well.

Artificial turf is also a great option, though it is a bit pricier and does not offer the protection to your subfloor that rubber offers. Artificial turf can be made to fit any space, but the installation is a bit more difficult, cleaning it is not quite as easy as rubber, and the shock absorption offered is lower than that of rubber or foam. It is, however, a great way to bring a natural look to your gym.

PVC Vinyl is pretty easy to install and also easy enough to clean. It is very durable but does not offer the level of protection to your joints that rubber provides. It is perhaps the more expensive alternative of all and while it is not meant for high impact movements it does remain one of the more popular options.

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