What Fitness Flooring Options Are Easiest on My Joints?

fitness flooring

Fitness is being promoted in every platform and every news outlet as the new fountain of youth. Exercising every day does keep you younger more fit, and according to science, it not only promotes longevity but makes it so this longer life you now have will be healthier well into your golden years. There is, however, one inescapable truth about exercise; repetition of specific movements and exercising on the wrong surfaces will wreak havoc with your joints. Causing pain and making life difficult so, sure exercise, but make sure you do it right, and you use the proper aerobic flooring.

Avoid Injury

Have you heard of the runner’s knee? This is an excellent example of how exercising can cause a problem if done incorrectly. People who get runner’s knee, usually experience dull pain focused around the front part of the knee, and while stopping this activity will often result in recovery, you can avoid it altogether if you observe some safety tips.

Let’s generalize a little bit here; the average person weighs around 140 pounds according to google.

The average mile, just one mile, will consist of about 2240 strides, and most runners tend to run longer than that daily, but for the sake of argument, let’s say you are an average joe that weighs 140 pounds and runs a mile every day. This means you are pounding your knees, not to mention your ankles, your hips, etc. with 140 pounds of force about 2240 times just during your daily run.

If you are running on a hard surface, this will, over time, affect your joints. Our bodies are very well designed, and they heal rather nicely, but that is a lot of abuse to be throwing at your knees every day. Just for reference, that’s 817600 times you are pounding your knees with 140 every year of your life. You can see how this can add up over the years.

Rubber Gym Flooring May Provide Cushioning

fitness flooring

If you use, for example, rubber flooring to do your running, that kinetic energy exerted on your joints is much diffused by the cushioning effect the rubber flooring provides. Just think of the difference it makes to punch a punching bag, which is nice and soft to what hitting a hard surface as the pavement would be like. The same physics is at play here. When you provide an outlet for that kinetic energy in the form of a softer surface, you mitigate much of the damage that would be caused to your joints. Granted, we use sneakers to run, which already provides some of the support you will need, but when you couple that with a surface designed to distribute that force and provide the support, you have a much better chance of not suffering an injury.

The example mentioned above is just one of many, just about every exercise routine suffers from the same set of problems. Just about any aerobic exercise, you can think of has this problem. Think of what jumping on a hard surface versus a rubber floor will do to your joints, martial arts, CrossFit, you name it, just about any fitness activity is greatly improved by having the appropriate surface to do it on. 

Choose Reliable Rubber Gym Flooring From Specialized Fitness Resources

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